My trip through South America comes to an end. The final leg couldn't be more fitting then the wonderful city of Bogotá. It's the second-highest (~ 2,600 m) capitol city in South America after Quito. It's a true megacity, more than twelve million people call this place their home (that's counting the metropolitan area as well, see here). This makes it the 3rd (5th) most populous city in South America, after São Paulo and Buenos Aires (and Rio de Janeiro and Lima), and the 23rd (38th) most populous in the world, always depending on which source you rely (one of many other sources in brackets). It's pure Colombia and has a lot to offer and explore if you dare to do so.

Bogotá was my "home" for a few days before my flight out of South America left. Sadly the weather threw a monkey wrench in my plans. My plans being doing a lot of sightseeing and of course taking pictures. It was overcast, rainy and quite cold, especially in the evening. But still I was able to tick of a few sights, amongst others La Candelaria, Plaza de Bolívar, Casa de Moneda, Cerro de Monserrate and Torre Colpatria. Besides that I enjoyed my nice hotel and said a proper goodbye to South America by eating Colombian food and drinking Colombian beer. Let's see what those other continents have in store for me!