From Lima I made my way up North towards Ecuador. Slowly, embracing the warmth at the Pacific Ocean and in the desert after too much cold weather in the moutains. I opted therefore to miss out on such pearls like Huaraz, something to discover the next time I visit Peru. In detail I had four stopovers on my way to the border of Peru/Ecuador. The first stage took me from Lima to Huanchaco, via Trujillo. After that I went to Chiclayo and from there to the transportation hub of north Peru: Piura. Next stop was the Gringo surf spot Máncora. The whole route described here took less than two weeks.

I spent my time lying at the beach and surfing in Huanchaco (and I cut my right foot badly after a surf sessions, ouch!) - discovering the Moche (Huaca del Sol & Huaca de la Luna) and Chimú (Chan Chan) ruins in and around Trujillo - working and diving into the local culture in Chiclayo - picking up a friend from the airport in Piura - and drinking, eating and sunbathing in Máncora (I admit, I was too lazy to surf). Pictures are worth a thousand words... so here they are!